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Faye Tillett,
Certified Real Estate Consultant

“There is only one success – to be able to spend your life in your own way.”

                                                                                        --- Christopher Morley


The above quotation exemplifies Faye Tillett’s philosophy of real estate.  Her decades-long career in Hilton Head Island real estate enables her to have a well-rounded perspective, from the energetic building years of the island’s growth to the modern-day nuances as a result of that growth’s maturity.  Her breadth of real estate successes provides her with an unique perspective – from major building projects, to folks relocating to HHI; from buyers of a dream house of a lifetime, to a possible renting opportunity as an investment; from a couple wanting to make a significant change in their lifestyle, to sellers who want to receive the financial rewards of their previously wise purchase on the island.

Faye’s ability to handle this entire spectrum of real estate is made possible by her personalized approach to dealing with her clients.  Perhaps the most important aspect to this personalized approach is Faye’s first three questions:  What are your primary goals in purchasing property on Hilton Head Island?  What are your price points?  What are your primary interests once you are located here?  By asking these three fundamental questions, Faye is able to focus on which area of Hilton Head would best suit her client’s needs.  This is a noticeable time-saver, which is always a welcomed feature of her sales approach.  It is also a necessary ingredient in today’s market, in which the turnover of homes is occurring so rapidly.

Some of Faye’s most notable successes are as follows:   

  • A prominent homebuilder was referred to Faye by a previous client, which then enabled this homebuilder to acquire two large tracts of land, on which he built Lake Linden and Island West developments in the Bluffton area.She has also sold other well-known landmarks in the Hilton Head area.


  • Faye has had numerous clients from New Jersey, Pennsylvania, and Tennessee as well as many other locales who chose to relocate to Hilton Head for their primary residence or second home.Their decision was made easier by the thought of enjoying warmer weather and regularly walking the beach, or playing year-round golf and tennis.


  • Faye also was the primary selling agent in the purchasing of two well-known marinas in the Hilton Head area. Again a referral by a previous client was the catalyst for this transaction.


  • As an example of Faye’s ability to make creative trades and her outreach to real estate possibilities throughout other states, she was able to expedite the selling of a beach home in Hilton Head to a buyer who in turn sold his home in Atlanta to the person owning the beach house.


Her motto, “Home Is Where You Dig It”, which she adopted from her late husband, Lieutenant Colonel Frederick J. McEwan, Jr., U. S. Marine Corps, is as true today as it has ever been.  As you begin the process of making this very important real estate decision, working with an agent who will serve you well by digging in her heels and digging out the property you want is a most important consideration.

If you are relocating to Hilton Head for your full-time or part-time residence, or looking for profitable rental property, or selling your HHI home in order to upgrade, Faye Tillett is eager to assist you in completing your goal.  You will find her trademarks of vast experience, boundless energy, and personal touch to be the necessary ingredients to make your foray into the Hilton Head real estate market a comfortable, profitable, and enjoyable journey.

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